How to write your goals?

career Jan 3, 2020

How do we write down some goals that we actually follow?

How not to fail again?

How to actually bring change to our lives before life changes us?

It’s easy to write down new resolutions.

  • Quit smoking.
  • Lose 10 kg.
  • Join a new company.
  • Learn mandarin.

I could write new resolutions everyday for the whole year and see nothing happening!

What is actually hard is to follow them, it requires a strong commitment and a real desire to follow these objectives.

Are you the kind of person who tries to stay fit all year but doesn’t really succeed?

And when there is a big event where you need to be fit, let’s say the summer holidays, you suddenly drop 3/4 kg in three weeks.

It’s like all of a sudden, it’s not hard anymore.

How do we move from “I can’t make it” to “I did it”?

Today, you will write down goals that truly matter to you and that you will accomplish!

“If you have more than three priorities, then you don’t have any.” Jim Collins.

This is the first statement we can consider: don’t have more than 3 priorities!

Is it 3 professional priorities or 3 life priorities?

To me, anything that belongs to your life should be taken into account.

You can’t focus on three professional priorities, but also be the dad of the year, lose 10 pounds and move to another country.

You need to balance everything in your life.

You need a limited number of priorities, and you need to include every aspect of your life in it.

It means that you may have less space for your professional life.

It means that you will consider 3 things that matter to you more than everything else.

Work should be a part of it, but some years, it might only be secondary.

Now, think about this year and write down 3 things that you really want to accomplish.

Maybe losing 10 kg is not as much of a priority as joining a self-driving car company. It’s up to you.

Limit yourself to these 3 maximum priorities.

I repeat it but it is really important if you actually want to succeed.

If you have too many, you will fail.

Another thing, when writing down your goals, try to make them measurable with numbers.

Don’t lose weight, lose 5 kg in 6 months.

Step by step, we will construct the success process.

For that, we need a concrete objective that we can measure.

The same applies for every theme, don’t get rich; make 100k before next December by selling software to x client.

Sometimes, you can’t do that.

If your goal is to join a company that works on flying cars, then you can’t really measure this unless you want to add criteria like salary or a limit date.

Quit smoking is an on/off process. The best you can do is adding a limit date.

Finally, your goals should be fixed and ambitious.

They shouldn’t change throughout the year unless some big event happens.

They shouldn’t be too ambitious, you probably won’t go from student to president of a Fortune 500 in a year.

Build something realistic that you see yourself doing in a year and that you will still work on 6 months from now.

Now, you have your goals.


How do we accomplish them?

Isn’t 3 a little number?

If you wrote your goals correctly, they should be hard to solve in a day…

That is why you need minor goals!

Minor goals are your month to month progress.

They are short-term goals.

They are not other major goals you don’t have time to accomplish, they are steps for your major goals.

If you want to join a self-driving car company by the end of the year; you will need to:

  • Get some skills
  • Apply in a self-driving car company
  • Get recruited

How to get some skills? For example

  • Follow 3 online courses
  • Build 5 self-driving car projects.
  • Contribute to one open-source project.

Read one article/day

⏩ About that -- If you’d like to begin in self-driving cars, a good step 1 is to enroll in my course SELF-DRIVING CARS: Break Into the Cutting-Edge World.

How do you apply in a company?

  • Build a portfolio of your at least 3 projects
  • Build an online presence

That helps if you want to get visibility.

How do you get recruited?

Sell your skills

We now see that our big goal: Get inside a self-driving car company takes at least 7 steps to complete.

Step 1 and 2 could even be divided into 8 independent steps.

These 7 steps should be on your minor goals list.

This is not a to-do list!

They should take long enough so that you have 20 of them for the whole year; not 20 per week.

If you want to accomplish something big that doesn’t belong to your major goals, you can add it to the minor goals list.

Note that you may fail this since it’s not a priority but a nice-to-have.

You will change the list throughout the year, especially the minor goals list.

Your vision must stay the same.

When you accomplish one of them, don’t replace it with another.

Just work more on the 2 remaining goals.

Can you have less than 3 major goals? Absolutely.

It’s about ambition. But I believe 3 is a good number though.

If you’d like to understand how to follow a goal you already set,

I invite you to read part II of this article here!