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career Jul 6, 2021

I have told you a lot of things since I started these emails... but one in particular is ALWAYS recurring!

The Number #1 reason people can't get their resume seen is because they have something too

And most of the time, it doesn't work.

Now... What if, instead of doing this, you'd bring a tablet and play a video of your coolest project? Imagine the face of any recruiter; eyes starred at the screen, watching your work and listening to your speech.

This is exactly what Tek Chhetri did! Tekk is an email subscriber from Nepal, living in Ohio. A few months ago, he released a video of him building his own self-driving car! Weeks later, he got a job in an electric truck company thanks to the LinkedIn post.

I got super curious about it, and immediately asked for a 15' call!

In the following video, you'll learn how Tek got his job thanks to the video he released. At the time of the call, Tek didn't had the job yet, so interesting to see how you can hope for something and just make it happen. 🙌🏼

The Podcast 🎙

Analysis ⚙️

Tek has a portfolio of projects; made of articles, blog posts, videos, and code. He made it without paying a single dollar on github.io.You can learn more about the materials he used, the lessons he took, and the way he implemented his project directly on his portfolio!
Here are a few takeaways from the video:

  1. He mainly used blog posts, online courses, and videos to build his project.
  2. His portfolio is made of 8 projects, some are as simple as using OpenCV functions to detect eyes, but are presented like real startup projects.
  3. His main project is "self-driving cars", his others are only here to reinforce his credibility!
  4. He made the car out of a 50$ Raspberry Pi and a 20$ LiDAR (#NOEXCUSE).
  5. The car is definitely NOT implemented like a REAL self-driving car... But to get a job, it's good enough! And for us; good enough is good enough!
We all see impressive projects out there that terrify us: Facebook group videos, LinkedIn posts, ... For a lot of us, seeing this can be discouraging.

So we're doing our best to find excuses.

"He probably invested a thousand dollar in this video! I can't pay this much!"

"He got everything handed since he was born!"

"He got the job because of past experiences, I don't have any!"
In the meantime, some others are slowly making progress, building their careers, and doing their best to succeed despite the excuses.
As you can see, the strategy is dead simple:

  1. Build impressive and advanced projects
  2. Publish them on your portfolio

To this day, I haven't seen anything more effective for those who:

  • Have little to no experience
  • Can't get noticed easily by companies
  • Don't know how to prove their worth

👉 Here's a look at the video Tek used, the portfolio is there!.

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See you tomorrow! 👋🏻