"Jeremy's Emails are 5 min pills to know better the Computer vision field and the autonomous cars world.
The best part is that he writes them like a friend, and you can also email back to him. It's a free support that is not easy to find, and it goes directly to the point. I also learn from them and it helps me out on my own job."

Andrés Matesanz Quadrado | Computer Vision Engineer

"I have gained rich understanding of what it takes to become a self-driving car engineer.
The emails provide a great path for getting started in this journey. It covers all the basic aspects of the field along with some detailed higher level concepts. It's a great resource for beginners as well as professionals who have some experience in the field."

Debabrata Mondal | Master's Student

"Jeremy is an incredible teacher and the best person to learn autonomous cars from."

Adrian Rosebrock | CEO, PyImageSearch

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