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What's inside?

  • The story of Saiman Shetty, and how he left India to build autonomous cars in the Silicon Valley.
  • A short introduction to Tesla, Aurora, Lyft, and Nuro, 4 of the best self-driving car startups on the market
  • What Saiman thinks about the self-driving car industry, and his insider analysis.
  • How Saiman "navigates" between these prestigious startups, and how to make your "first conversion" into the self-driving car world
  • The technical challenges faced by self-driving car startups, and why they're all totally different...
  • A mind trick "99% of the engineers don't do" that can drastically increase your chances of getting hired
  • Cameras vs LiDARs β€” What do Tesla Engineers believe in?
  • A smart strategy to get a green card and work in the US in 10% of the time everybody spends
  • and many more...

Who is Saiman Shetty?

I come from from a small town in Coastal Karnataka, India.

Moved to the US for grad school, I landed good engineering jobs after grad school, and worked at Tesla, Nuro, and Lyft, but failed in the H-1B lottery.

That’s what prompted me to work hard towards the EB-1A. Today, I am a Staff Technical Program Manager at Aurora, and I built my own program to help foreigners get their EB-1A Green Card in a year.

I’m super active on LinkedIn. I post a lot about robotics & self-driving vehicles, and love using my experiences to help people.

Saiman and his colleagues with Nuro, an autonomous delivery robot.

A daily email reader applied one of the tips shared by Saiman, here's his email to me:


2 weeks later, he contacted me again to tell me he got hired.

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