The Neural Optimization Journey:

Monstrous Techniques to Make Models Ready for Deployment

When you're ready, explore the dark side of Deep Learning. My two courses on HydraNets and Neural Optimization will help you build ultra-advanced and rare skills 99% of engineers don't dare learning.

Warning: These are advanced, and not everyone will survive the journey...

The Advanced Deep Learning Sequence


Learn the infamous Multi-Task Learning secrets implemented by the best researchers to build multi-head Neural Network architectures.

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Learn advanced techniques to dangerously multiply your algorithms' FPS by up to over 1,000% and deploy models to production environments.

DLC: HydraNets Object Detection

Learn how to add Object Detection heads to a HydraNet.

🔐 Warning: This course is very advanced and has been reserved to the engineers of the HydraNets Course only.

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