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"How are you gonna be a revolutionary if you're such a traditionalist? You hold onto the past, but jazz is about the future."  Keith, La La Land

A few examples of traditionalism in our lives:

  • Apple sticking to the no-remote policy and losing Ian Goodfellow, director of Machine Learning.
  • Robotics Engineers sticking to "naïve" algorithms instead of Deep Learning.
  • Marketers sticking to Facebook Ads even though disastrously not profitable.
  • Engineering schools sticking to in-class learning and refusing to integrate online courses in their curriculum.
  • Bloggers sticking to Wordpress no matter how catastrophic this tool is.
  • Media (and social media companies) sticking to left-wing bias and population tracking no matter how much neutrality and privacy will matter in the future.

  • Job candidates sticking to sending cold, boring, ugly profiles, no matter the raising importance of personal branding.

👉🏼 I think you can create a mini-revolution by not sticking where everybody is sticking.

Ideas for a mini-revolution based on the list above:

  • Building a personal branding platform for job seekers
  • Helping schools integrate online learning to their curriculums
  • Helping social media being less biased, 
  • etc...

Good ideas are everywhere, just start looking for them.

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