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Get training, skills, and resources in Computer Vision, LiDAR, Robotics, Deep Learning, or Object Tracking.

Are your engineers ready for cutting-edge projects?

If you need engineers from your company to build cutting-edge skills, Think Autonomous is opening accesses to the Journeys to companies and groups.

Here's why:

The autonomous tech field is moving at a pace that is hard to keep up with. You think you're safe with convolutions, and here come Transformers. You're starting to explore traditional point clouds algorithms, and here comes 3D Deep Learning. Engineering cutting-edge projects is a constant battle between following the state of the art research and building concrete, shippable products.

This time your engineers spend learning, researching, discovering new fields, struggling, and browsing can represent weeks.

We, at Think Autonomous, have a team whose job is to create easy to get, industry relevant, short, and up to date content on autonomous tech. If you are in this field, we may already have content your colleagues struggle to upskill on.

All our content is state of the art, advanced, and short. It means your engineers won't spend weeks learning modules, some of our programs only take a few hours to complete, and deliver state of the art skills.

So let's take a look:

What can Think Autonomous do to help your company?


The Think Autonomous catalogue has 5 journeys and over 15 cutting-edge courses, ready to help groups build advanced skills. Our courses can help your teams in fields such as Computer Vision, Robotics, Deep Learning, Object Tracking, and LiDAR,.


Get Jeremy to talk live with your teams in power-packed technical sessions. Whether it's an afternoon or an intense 3-day seminar, Jeremy has experience with public speaking, including to some of the largest executive groups in France.


The Think Autonomous Universe is big. Jeremy has built a network of over 10,000 active cutting-edge engineers, some of them might be your next employee, freelancer, or team leader.


Get the best of Think Autonomous's online courses

As a company, your team can get access to one or more of the journeys. Each journey is a set of courses on a specific topic, assembled to work towards a concrete goal.

Taking our courses in journeys is what makes the most sense, as these courses have been designed to work together.


Transformers, Image Segmentation, 3D Computer Vision, Video Processing, and more...

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Point Clouds Processing, LiDARs, 3D Machine Learning, Sensor Fusion, 3D Deep Learning, and more...


2D and 3D Multi-Object Tracking, 2D and 3D Object Detection, Kalman Filters, 4D Perception, and more...


Robotic OS, Linux, Autonomous Vehicle Architectures, SLAM, and more...


Multi-Task Learning / HydraNets, Model Compression, Knowledge Distillation, Deployment, and more...


Get yearly access to the entire catalogue of 16+ courses — content is updated and added to regularly.


Get an online or in-person event with Jeremy on cutting-edge topics.

When sessions can't be followed via online courses, and need more customization, we can organize seminars for your team.

On the right, you can see an image of the LiDAR Team from Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India, after we organized a 4-Day Seminar with them.

"I just completed an incredible 4 days of learning with Jérémy Cohen! From reading his thought-provoking blogs and posts to meeting him in person, it was an intense and enlightening experience.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an inspiring mentor. I hope he enjoyed his visit to India as much as I enjoyed learning from him."

Chandan Kumar | Senior Technical Lead Team on Deep Learning, LiDAR Perception, Computer Vision, Urban Autonomous Driving

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India


Recruit from the most qualified list of autonomous tech engineer available.

Recruitment is possibly one of the hardest thing you can do as a business owner.

I know it, because when as a Perception Engineer, I once had to assemble a team, and I could experience the difficulty in recruiting engineers.

To me, the biggest pain point was the skills, which most engineers who applied didn't have. Other companies told me they experienced issues with cultural fit, and others with remote work.

Recently, I built the Think Autonomous Team, and I was glad to see how the struggle almost vanished. I was aware of my needs, sent an email to my list, and within an hour, I have 5 ultra-qualified applications.

When you have a good team, every dream you have is suddenly within reach. With the Think Autonomous Team, I was able to create cutting-edge content at light-speed, build a new blog platform from the ground up, and even code new software platforms, without having too many training to do.

I want you to have the possibility to do the same. My list of engineers is the most curated on the planet. Because it's a daily email list sometimes offering paid products, it does an incredible job of curating all the tourists, beginners, and freebie seekers; only to keep the advanced, motivated, and active profiles.

Some of these engineers might be interested by what you are offering; and I would gladly do the middle man, if it fits their needs and personal ambitions. So if you're interested, fill the contact form below, and let's see how Think Autonomous can help you in one of the toughest and ongoing problem to solve.

Let's work together!

Working with Think Autonomous means working with all the engineers, companies, partners and investors in the ecosystem.

If you are interested in one of the three options, fill the form, and let's see if we can work together.