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Do you wish you had a more cutting-edge job?

I have. So many times, I was wondering "I am really used to my full potential here?!".

Maybe, you are in the same situation. We start our careers with an engineering diploma, motivated as nobody else. But quickly, things change. We join consulting, thinking of limitless opportunities, but we end up pressured to take any project we fit in, and waste years of our careers on Powerpoints and Spreadsheets. We get recruited too easily by big groups, thinking we'll end up managing their AI branch, but realize too late that they never really planned to join the AI revolution.

We engineers seek passion. We want to build flying cars, autonomous robots, and Artificial Doctors; we want to participate in the next autonomous farm to Mars, we want to change transportation, but these industries require very qualified talents, and not anybody can join.

Why is it so hard to work on cutting-edge projects?

People do it. It's not something beyond our reach, but there are 3 main problems that prevent us from getting what we want:

  • Engineers aren't usually good marketers. Because of this, it's harder to appeal to companies that are more selective.
  • Online Courses are mass market. They don't teach the advanced things like Transformer networks and 3D Deep Learning (that cutting-edge companies use daily), they focus on the fundamentals of AI; and engineers realize too late the gap with reality.
  •  It looks impossible. Your own family might not believe you could work as a self-driving car engineer, you might hear every day how much of a "dream" it is. And that does block many engineers.

Some jobs can feel great... until you no longer pick your projects and can't decide which skills you're going to learn.

Are you an AI Engineer looking to build skills in autonomous tech? Think Autonomous might be able to help you.

Think Autonomous is helping engineers work on cutting-edge applications of AI, Self-Driving Cars, and Computer Vision. I focus on the advanced parts, that nobody really teaches, and I focus on daily and lifelong learning, rather than intense batches.

For that, I run a Daily Newsletter, that will teach you a bit more about being a cutting-edge engineer every day. My emails are private, but read by over 10,000 cutting-edge engineers who use the content to change their lives.

Teaching a self-driving car course... in a self-driving car!

Why building a cutting-edge course company?

Before working as a self-driving car engineer, I was stuck as a consultant.

I would be offered projects I didn't really want to take, but clients were already signed. I would be trying to bring AI to the world, but the world I was in didn't really care about AI.

Until I started to build cutting-edge skills, until I discovered AI, Computer Vision, LiDARs, and 3D. My skills skyrocketed, and I got a job in autonomous shuttles.

Bringing an autonomous shuttle to life in France

Testing a prototype self-driving car called a "Perception Car" in the field

If you look around, most online courses stick to the mass market fundamentals. Convolutions, Neural Networks, Python, OpenCV, YOLO. Those are essential, if you want to get started. But do really they help you build the next autonomous rover to Mars?

Through my journey, I discovered many engineers needed more advanced training, but they also needed to understand how to market these skills, how to attract companies, and how to make their profile unique. They needed someone to show them a path.

I took this path through hundreds of hours of learning, and years spent building self-driving cars, and I realized I could actually have a big impact helping engineers do the same...

Think Autonomous has helped many engineers get their dream job, by primarily running a free powerful daily newsletter.

What makes it Unique? ☄️

We do many things differently than the others. Most of our courses are very short, just a few hours, rather than month long programs, we're entirely project based, and we implemented a job search system where we only teach courses that provide cutting-edge jobs.

But our biggest differentiator is the cutting-edge experience we provide!

Our courses are the most advanced in the industry... and our customers aren't just engineers interested in AI, but engineers who want to specialize in the cutting-edge.

Here are 5 commitments we take to provide a unique experience:


Right off the bat, we don't take beginners. We teach cutting-edge skills to engineers who already have skills with Python, Machine Learning and Deep Learning fundamentals.

This means we are closed to 90% of the market, but it's our commitment to the cutting-edge.


Ever purchased a course only to realize it was recorded 10 years ago, and most of it isn't really valid anymore?

Well, we have an update system in place to prevent this. When you buy a course, you also get VIP access (free or super low priced) to the future versions.


Our biggest strength: the DLCs.

Some of our courses have access to "DLCs", a video game concept of additional content.

This can help you go even further, by learning a topic so advanced it often has no existing online course.


There is no cutting-edge without strong understanding of research. Our courses take you to the cutting-edge of research, by doing many Paper Breakdowns, showing you Interviews with Researchers, and even a research paper study in ALL of our courses.

That process also motivated some of our student to start their own Ph.D.


"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

We provide simple to understand courses, broken down, deconstructed into easy to get pieces. To understand new and advanced topics, you need simple explanations, and projects as easy to start as the click of a button.

Which is why, we validate all our courses by sending Jeremy's grandmother to them. No, but you get it, we do things simply.