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What is a cutting-edge engineer?

Most engineers are incredibly skilled, but waste their days into jobs they don't really like, doing things that doesn't excite them, for clients they don't care about. What if you used your skills to do differently? A cutting-edge career means many things...


Fall in love with your work, feel your impact on the future, and build cutting-edge projects that will change the future


Lead the artificial intelligence revolution in autonomous tech, and learn to build the most technically stimulating projects


Build advanced and specialized skills — create a reputation, credibility, and a brand companies are looking forward to hire.

In 2022, Think Autonomous won the price for Top Global Business of the Year in the Educational Technology Category​ and Jeremy Cohen has been named 2023 40 Under 40 Innovators in Analytics Insight magazine, the largest printed magazine on Artificial Intelligence.

You can't afford to spend years stuck into jobs you hate.

One day, an engineer said "Yes" to a minor data migration project that wasn't related to his ambitions in AI. 2 years later, he responded to one of my newsletters saying "I just spent 2 years stuck on a data migration project that kept being renewed... ENOUGH!"

After nearly 4 years, over 1,000 Emails sent to 10,000+ engineers, and 16 online courses built on cutting-edge topics — Me and Think Autonomous can help you become a cutting-edge "Edgeneer."

It all started with an AI consulting job, and a slap in the face.

It just wasn't what I imagined.

What is an AI Consultant? I thought I would be able to work on the next Jarvis, Tony Stark's armor, and flying cars. But the reality was... I was spending my days on Powerpoints and Spreadsheets; and after a few months, I just lost that spark that made me love engineering in the first place.

I was split. My job was giving me prestige, and access to people I could never otherwise meet. But my soul was crying for engineering challenges.

So I kept my job, and started to learn online.

I took courses, learned from Medium, YouTube, papers, podcasts, and everywhere you can think of to satisfy my curiosity and need to learn.

And then came the 2017 "Golden Age" of Self-Driving Cars, and I realized something...

"I can actually have a career building self-driving cars!"

But how? I kept learning, and after only 2 months, I applied to a self-driving car position...

Left: Learning about Deep Learning for the first time in my room

Right: In an AI meeting with former french President Nicolas Sarkozy.

"We can hire you for 30,000$. It's 10,000$ under the market average; but we're your only option. Are you in or out?"

What would you do?

  • If I said yes, I would take my career to a severe disadvantage. I would be trapped in low salaries, at their mercy, and with that, our deal involved me not working on autonomous cars for at least a year.
  • But if I said no, where would I go? Paris wasn't the Silicon Valley, and in 2017, you could count the number of self-driving car companies on the fingers of one hand.

I said no, and took a job in Computer Vision instead. When you think about it, Computer Vision Engineer can be an incredible middle step from Consulting to Self-Driving Car Engineers. It was part of the plan I was developping to join the self-driving car field.

After 9 months in Computer Vision, I tried another company in Paris, and got a job offer as a Self-Driving Car Engineers.

My career was about to begin!

Being a Self-Driving Car Engineer

Getting your dream job is possible. It can feel extremely complicated, but when you have the right plan, there's no reason why it wouldn't work.

As a Self-Driving Car Engineer, I built Perception system using object tracking, image segmentation, 3D Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion for autonomous shuttles in France.

Since then, I helped hundreds of engineers build this same transformation. What if, one day, it was you?

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Building Think Autonomous

After years in the self-driving car industry, I decided to build my own company to expand my impact in the autonomous vehicle space.

I built Think Autonomous in 2019, and began by helping engineers find a job in self-driving cars. I started a daily newsletter, published information day after day, and people started to join...

Today, Think Autonomous has a catalogue of 15+ online courses that helped over a thousand engineers and companies get their dream job and build self-driving cars.

With the Mercedes-Benz R&D Team while giving a seminar in India

I want to help you become a cutting-edge engineer.

If I could do it, you can do it. But don't go at random, hundreds of thousands of engineers stay stuck, because they go alone.

My job is to help engineers achieve this transformation. This is why I get out of bed for: to help YOU get your cutting-edge life and have as much impact in the world as you can.

So how to begin?

Learn to become a Self-Driving Car Engineer

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