Hi, I'm Jeremy!

I'm the Founder of Think Autonomous, and an Artificial Intelligence & Self-Driving Car Engineer.

Over 9,000 people read my emails every day, and learn how to "think autonomous".

It means being in charge of your day to day, working on restricted and cutting-edge technologies, and being able to work on your passion.

Does any of it sound familiar?

  • "I really want to work on EXCITING and IMPACTFUL technologies, but I'm STUCK in a job where I don't matter."
  • "I know I have a huge potential... but I can't find the exact steps or the right material to work in the most advanced companies out there.
  • "I'd HATE to have a job only for financial reasons and not for passion, but people tell me I should be lucky to have a job. Any job."

If so, you're not alone: I've been just like this too.

I started my career in consulting, but I didn't feel at the right place.
I thought being an engineer would mean creating Jarvis, Tony Stark's armor, and the next flying cars... I took a slap in the face.

In my first job, I discovered the hard truth: Engineer is just a title.
You can be an engineer and spend your days updating Excel Spreadsheets, preparing Powerpoint presentations, and discussing about everything but technology.

Most of my former schoolmates accepted this reality; they became project managers, digital transformation consultants, UX Designers, or Web Developers...

This path was attractive, but I knew I didn't belong there. So one day, I made a decision: I would go against the crowd.

My new objective was set: I would work on cutting-edge technologies.

But how?

From AI Consultant to Self-Driving Car Engineer

The Switch was the thoughest moment: I didn't know where to go, I didn't know anyone who had done it, and most of all: everbody I knew was telling me it was a bad idea.

I mean... come on, there are like 5 companies in France doing this! It felt impossible!

I trusted my instinct, and decided to start learning about Self-Driving Cars & Computer Vision online.

How could learning new skills make it worse anyway?

So here I was, trying to code my first lane line detection algorithm with OpenCV, training my own traffic light detector...
building a portfolio of projects for recruiters to see.

It didn't work.
Blog posts were too specific, courses weren't relevant enough, and companies were super selective.

But one day, after almost a year of efforts, it happened...

Drag to make the switch...

The truth is... it doesn't have to take you a year, or three.

I have learned a process that is easy to apply, that can work in any country, and that helped hundreds of engineers have a more exciting career.

I'm sharing it every day in my private emails, and I'd love you to join us!

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