🎙️ How to Become a Self-Driving Car Engineer?

A conversation with Ritesh Kanjee, owner of YouTube Channel Augmented Startups, and founder of augmented startups website.

Inside this episode....

After introducing Jeremy, we're diving in my experience as a consultant, and transition to the world of self-driving cars. We then talk about HydraNets, and the architectures of neural networks in self-driving cars

A few samples:

  • How to transition from a consultant to a self-driving car engineer (2:32)
  • The use of Safety Drivers in Self-Driving Cars (6:45)
  • What is a Hydranet? And what are some architectures used in self-driving cars? (14:30)
  • My take against object detection in self-driving cars (19:28)
  • My experience building a national AI non-profit with Siraj Raval (25:50)
  • The prerequisites of the self-driving car engineer (30:55)
  • and many, many more...

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