🎙️ The Secrets of Self-Driving Cars from Self-Driving Car Maestro David Silver

I'm interviewing David Silver, Self-Driving Car Engineer at Kodiak, and former self-driving Car Engineer at Cruise — co-creator of the Udacity Self-Driving Car Nanodegree... David Silver gives us ALL the secrets to make it in self-driving cars.

Inside this episode....

David Silver is sharing his journey in Self-Driving Cars, from his first internship at Ford Motors, to creating the Self-Driving Car Nanodegree with Sebasitan Thrun, to building self-driving cars at Cruise and Kodiak.

A few samples:

  • How David started in self-driving cars, and how he got his first intership at Ford (04:55)
  • The email David got that sent him to Udacity to build the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree (07:14)
  • How Sebastian Thrun made the instant decision to purchase a Self-Driving Cars (14:14)
  • The difference between coding and teaching self-driving cars (18:27)
  • How David joined Voyage, and how he experienced Voyage's acquisition by Cruise (24:00)
  • The biggest challenge in working for tech giants like Cruise (27:50)
  • and many, many more... including questions from people in the chat about the worth of a Ph.D, building a portfolio, how to get a job at Kodiak, David's best recommendations on skills to learn, what skills are looked for by recruiters, and more more more...

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