🎙️ Discover World Models with Self-Driving Car Engineer Aaron Brown

Welcome to this interview with the great Aaron Brown, Self-Driving Car Engineer at Mercedes-Benz, and content creator at Udacity for the Self-Driving Car & Sensor Fusion Nanodegree... In this podcast, Aaron will share with us the secrets of World Models for Self-Driving Cars.

Inside this episode....

Aaron Brown is telling us about his new passion for World Models, his work at Udacity building self-driving car simulators, and his new work on Autonomous Parking at Mercedes-Benz.

A few samples:

  • How Aaron left everything behind to join Udacity in California (02:02)
  • What it's like working with Sebastian Thrun (07:14)
  • Aaron's current job at Mercedes-Benz and how he feels about the field today (09:09)
  • Aaron's view of World Models and AI presently (18:00)
  • Is Self-Driving Car GPT a feasible idea for companies like Mercedes-Benz (31:31)
  • An opinion on Wayve's model and how they use Large Language Models with Autonomous Driving (27:50)
  • and many, many more... including Aaron Brown's World Model course, End To End Learning, Behavioral Cloning, Advice to join the Self-Driving Car Space, and more...

Liked this episode?

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