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  • Would you like to become a cutting-edge engineer but don't know where to start, feel confused by the amount of information, or even completely lost about which direction to take?
  • You are already building your dream but need a second opinion on your project or a personal review to apply to a company?
  • Are you interested in taking a course but need more details and a personal connection to decide if it's going to help you?
  • Do you need consulting for your company, or help with recruiting?
  • Or do you simply want to share your dreams and passion with someone who won't take you for a freak?

Let's meet for 15 minutes, and discuss all of that together!

In this 15' call, we'll review your strategy to build your cutting-edge career, we'll decide on your roadmap together, and I will personally recommend directions to you.

⚠️ Before you take a meeting, please note one rule:

  • Our time is precious. Doing these free 15 minutes calls means that I'll book a slot in my schedule, and you'll book one in yours. If you can't make it, please cancel before the event starts.

    🖍 If you don't cancel the meeting, and don't show up on the call, you'll be added to Think Autonomous's Blacklist and become persona non grata of the 15' calls 🥶

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