Do you need help building your cutting-edge profile?

Which skill should you learn? Which course can help you the most? Which career move to make?

Sometimes, all you need is a little personalized help, someone to take a cold look at what you're doing, and that you trust to give you an honest opinion.

And it's something I can do for my email subscribers.

In our 15' call, we'll review your strategy to build your cutting-edge career, we'll decide on your roadmap together, and I will personally recommend directions to you.

So, if you need help building your cutting-edge engineer profile, let's meet!

The 15' Rules

⚠️ Before you book a meeting, please note 3 short rules (that make everything possible):

  • I do a maximum of 3 sessions per day. If a day is booked, please check the next days.
  • Please share information via the form before the call. If in these information I realize I can't help you, or if there's no information, the call will be cancelled.
  • Our times is precious. If you can't make it, please cancel before the event starts.
    If you don't cancel the meeting, and don't show up on the call, you'll be added to Think Autonomous's Blacklist and become persona non grata of the 15' calls 🥶

👉 Are you cool with these 3 rules? Then simply open the calendar below, and book a 15' slot!

I'll see you there! 😃