Image Segmentation: Use Cases

deep learning Sep 23, 2021

What is image segmentation?
What are the different types of segmentation?
How can you use segmentation in your everyday life?

This use can even be extended to dental X-Ray images.

Radiology with Deep Learning is using Semantic Segmentation.It doesn't stop there, it works in 3D!Semantic Segmentation is very popular for RGB images, but try to imagine what we can do using this with 3D point clouds?

The conversion problem is directly solved.

Instead of wondering: "How are we going to use these pixels in the real-world?"
We directly have the pixels in 3D.
The RANSAC algorithm is very popular for this type of task, but today neural networks can do the task!

I created a training course on semantic segmentation.
It is unlike any course. I followed a lot and I always got out with more questions than answers.
Let's not do this!
In this course, you will get out with no questions, and a complete understanding of cutting-edge algorithms used today. Every convolution used, every weird name you couldn't understand, everything.
And as it is the case with One Step Ahead, you will leave the course with a project.

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